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Updated: Jan 29

Who needs it?

Sometimes you just need - and Need Badly - something New, fresh, out of the box.

D4NDY - Art Designs that fit you

“The best style is the one that embraces your personality”

Seeking a #Brand is tricky. You may like the #colours but you don´t like the #design; or you like the clothing texture but not so much some minor t-shirt or long sleeve detail.

However, you can´t get it wrong if you go...

Back to Basics

Recognize it: colours on a PC screen seem similar to real colours - but they´re NOT.

The orange you will get is not the same; the grey you get the same, and the deep yellow - and so on.

The Solution th this BIG Problem? - Bet on safe colours.

Black is Black - Everywhere. And White is just White. Primary colours are what they are, and are indeed much more reliable online than all the other colour tones.

A B&W style - pure as water

"Capelo is a Dark Salvador Dalí” - Carlos Milhais (graphic designer)

With B&W you achieve the maximum colour contrast, and the visual message goes through very very fast. It´s the ultimate #fashion statement.

Direct Brand communication

Still waiting...? Lets´s SHOP !

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