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Updated: Jan 5

Sociologist | Visual Artist & Art Tutor | Writer

- "Why am i buying stuff from this website?"

, you should ask

Here are some answers for you...

“My best student ever” - Leonor Pepe (Art History teacher)

Wether you prefer Salvador #Dalí or Pablo #Picasso; Piet #Mondrian or Amedeo #Modigliani, there are some art styles that get into our skin and enter #ArtHistory as immortal personal artistic statements.

In pure Black & White #Comic books you may think about #CortoMaltese or #SinCity, for example.

Where Dreams are made

Capelo´s unique #Blackandwhite style developed through over a decade into this definitive creative category, with more than 2 thousand #Drawings and #illustrations.

An artistic style that seems unanimously appreciated.

"Artworks that will last in art history" - Jorge Aragão (painter)

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Lisbon, Portugal

Email: lsalpico@hotmail.com

Tel: +351 - 96 584 88 43

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